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Price List

Quilting charges are calculated by the number of square inches in the quilt.
Length __ x Width___= SI.

Minimum Charge for Edge to Edge Quilting $45.00

Minimum Charge for Custom Quilting $200.00

Quilts cannot exceed 110″ in Width. 

All quilts are carefully measured, pinned and basted to the machine keeping quilt measurements intact.  Quilts will lay flat and will be square when complete. I have been known to remove stitches when the results did not meet my expectations.

Edge to Edge Quilting:

Pantograph pattern is followed covering the entire quilt top including borders. Most of my patterns are very detailed and considered custom work without the custom charge.

$0.0165 SI and Up

Note: I have numerous edge-to-edge patterns to choose from. I have a few that are in the $0.0165 range in the Basic Catalog – $0.0175 in the Simple Catalog; all other patterns are $0.0300 cents for the Dense Catalog.


Custom quilting is considered on a case by case base, I reserve this service for my existing customers. You must be a repeating customer with edge-to-edge quilting. There is a minimum $200 charge on all custom quilting.


Custom Quilting:

Stitch in the ditch around quilt blocks and/or motifs. Requiring numerous stopping and starting. Freehand meandering/feathering etc. and/or use of computerized quilting designs. I like to combine free hand and computerized for a one of a kind artistic creation.

$.055+ SI and Up

Beginning Custom pricing is $0.0550, Simple Custom is $0.0700 all other custom starts at $0.0900 cents a SI


Batting: Warm and Natural 90″ Wide – My Personal choice

$0.32 Liner Inch $47.99 King Size

Other Battings: Hobbs 80/20 , Hobbs Poly Down

$0.38 Liner Inch

$52.99 King Size

Wide Backing material 108″ and 110″

$16.99 Yd and Up

Basting service for Hand Quilters:

Quilt is basted using two inches stitches across. $25.00 Minimum charge. This charge only applies to those quilts that are basted only and returned to the customer.

$0.005 SI

Hand Binding: Binding is machine stitched to the top of the quilt then hand stitched to the back of quilt. Material is not included.

Partial Binding: Machine Stitched to the front of the Quilt only and you finish the handwork.

Machine Binding: Machine-stitched front and back on sewing machine

$0.30 linear inch

$0.15 linear Inch

$0.25 Linear Inch

Please review preparing your quilt instructions before placing an order.  If you need assistance please email me with the measurements of your quilt and I will be happy to help.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for your quilt to be completed.  We return ship via FedEx.  Will combine as many quilts in one box that will fit well.  Avg shipping cost is $25.00 and includes $100.00 of insurance.  

Don’t forget to print out the order form so I have all your information with each quilt.  Thank you!

Prices last updated April 2019.

Before I can give an accurate quote, you will need to fill out my Questionnaire. I will email you an invoice after I review the questionnaire.