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A Little More About Me

a photo of Gwen Moore
Gwen B Moore

I wanted to give you a little information about myself.  I learned to quilt from my grandmother on a pedal sewing machine.  My father was in the Navy and during the summers we would spend them on the farm in Hamptonville, North Carolina.  Back in those days, you would recycle dresses, shirts, and flour sacks to make your quilts.  I’m so glad that I can now go to the quilting store and buy material.  I have more material than I need, but that will not stop me from purchasing more. 

After I married, my mother-in-law made quilts during the wintertime.  I have hand quilted many a quilt on a hanging wooden frame with the wood stove going in the corner.  In fact, some of my children still have quilts that their grandmother made for them. 

Then I got away from quilting for a while.  Life took over and I started my accounting business.  After 15 years of dealing with numbers and long days, I sold that business in 2015.  That’s when I picked quilting back up and I have been going strong ever since.  I love the creativity that it allows and the escape it gives me after working hard each week. 

a colorful quilt on the sewing machine
a bunch of different colored fabrics
a view of a bunch of different threads

We quilters always see possibilities in the material and designs.  I love going to quilt shows and have been all over North Carolina seeing the talent and works of fellow quilters.  I hope to go to a National Quilt Show in the very near future.  My husband comes with me and somehow he ends up finding all the unusual and different tools and objects that are displayed.  I never know what I will end up coming home with. 

I love quilting and meeting the quilters, beginners to the experienced.  They are always willing to share their techniques and knowledge.  It is amazing the talent that quilters have. 

Thanks for reading about me and please have fun quilting.